Great Meals In Waco Texas

Waco Texas may not be the culinary capital of Texas but there more to enjoy here than may at first seem obvious. There is a huge amount of choice – from classic American meals to cuisine from across the globe Waco has a lot to offer as far as enjoying a great meal is concerned.

Try some of these and you will have your taste buds begging for more from Waco.

1. Kitok.

The key to this unassuming Korean styles venue is that you will be able to sample some great Korean classics while at the same time enjoying a burger. Try the Kimchi – it’s full of flavor and crunch and the perfect accompaniment to some Korean classics.

2. D’s Mediterranean Grill.

This venue is solid proof that you can find more to enjoy in Texas other than burgers and steak.

The hummus is fantastic and the falafel are simply delicious making it the perfect venue to share with vegetarian friends. But is you have a hankering for something truly iconic then the fried Catfish and chicken fried steak will have you coming back for more.

3. Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shoppe.

With a name like that who could resist?

This venue has been around since 1975 – a testament to the quality of meals that they serve. It’s not a New York deli – but it’s close. The pastrami sandwich is an absolute must. Get the blue plate special and enjoy some sides and a drink and fall in love with the simple delights of real food – made real good.

4. Vitek’s.

there’s an old rule of thumb – go to where the locals eat. One of those places in Waco is Vitek’s. Classic Texas style meals are served up with flair. For those in love with meat this is the place to be. Try the two meat plate and enjoy your choice of two meats of your choice – they’re all good. Sides are perfect as well.

5. Blasina Asian.

Keep an eye out for this food truck and enjoy great Cambodian food at excellent prices. Yellow chicken curry is a highlight. But you can have some down home classics like a pork sandwich as well. The lemongrass beef stir fry is fabulous – turn up the heat and enjoy.

Waco has some incredible dining venues – get out and explore and you will discover an entire new world of taste.