4 Waco TX Restaurants That You Might Want To Check Out

There are over 370 restaurants in Waco TX, and I’ve got four picked out for you. It’s all in what you want to eat at the time, but I’m hoping my picks of top-ranked restaurants in the city are appealing to you. I’m going to deliver more great restaurant picks in other articles, too, and I hope that you enjoy discovering some great places to eat in Waco TX.

Cafe Homestead is one of those places, and its address is 608 Dry Creek Road. How about a delicious Quesadilla Burger? I have to say that’s the first I’ve heard of that type of burger, and it sounds scrumptious. You can also enjoy homemade ice cream at Cafe Homestead, which sounds equally scrumptious. The restaurant also serves up wraps, sweet potato soup, pie and more. And do I have to say that you’re talking about grass feed beef?

It’s Texas after all, and Waco has some wonderful restaurant picks as you can already see. Alpha Omega is another one of your top choices, and its location is 929 Franklin Avenue. Enjoy some fried cheese balls, baklava, shrimp, a lamb gyro and more. This establishment serves up all kinds of great eats, unique menu items, too. Chocolate strawberry mousse cake is one of the desserts, and reviews point to this restaurant having a nice atmosphere, too.

Brazos Bar & Bistro is a good choice, too, and its address is 211 Clay Avenue. It is located at the Hotel Indigo, and you’re talking about stuffed avocado, tuna tacos, sea bass and more. People say that this is a comfortable restaurant, and that you can count on great staff and excellent food. If you’re wanting to get a drink at the bar, you can do that, too.

Baris III Pasta & Pizza is another top pick, and its location is 904 North Valley Mills Drive. Order up some delicious Italian food, or just stop in for pizza if you like. The lasagna makes the menu highlights, and people mention in the reviews that the bread is really good. The people that work at this restaurant make the pasta, bread and sauces from scratch.

Now that is an Italian restaurant, don’t you think? You’re going to love your stops for food in Waco, and it’s going to make for a really interesting time there on vacation. Which of the restaurants that I mentioned seem to fit what you and your family are looking for in a place to eat right now?